Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And at last, a year....

John & Walter turned 1 this past week, on August 26! I still can't get over it...from my memories of the birth experience to revisiting how they have evolved into my little men over the course of the year. It is such a bittersweet moment. Knowing these are my last little babies, that are rapidly turning to toddlers is overwhelming. I want to at once savor the baby-elements still present, all the while feeling so joyous as they move toward independence. I can't help but contrast this year with my older daughter's first year. There I cherished and embraced every milestone. Here, I took note as they came and went, but with much less diligence. I barely have any kind of collection of hard prints, let alone an actual photo album. In constructing a 12 month period of photos, I was hard pressed to find a 10 month shot, as almost an entire month went by without taking pictures. Certainly when comparing this blog to my one for gwen, the difference in detail is striking. I know that is often the case with the 2nd sibling, but I suppose when those 2nd siblings are twins, even more the case.
Here are my little cuddly ones, in the course of their year of development.

Thinking over the past year, it is amazing to me what has encompassed it. Starting out following the boys being born and my father having open-heart surgery, to deciding to initiate a career change and go into nursing, returning to work and juggling 3 under 3, breastfeeding for 9 months, taking intensive science courses and then moving 40 miles outside the city of Chicago to the burbs. What a crazy year. Maybe this next one can be a bit more mellow. But given that these boys are on the way to walking, I think "mellow" will prove to be a term of the past!

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