Friday, August 13, 2010

Pink eye is the pits

Both boys came down with pink-eye this week, resulting in temporary exile from daycare. Poor Johnnie's looked awful, but passed quickly enough. The entire process of getting prescription drops refilled was ridiculous. Our MD only saw John, but told us to treat Walter as well, so of course we flew through the drops. Then as we had no refills, had to call the doctors office to authorize the pharmacy for more. Of course my doctor was then out of town! After several calls back and forth leading to no resolution for the day, we made it through the night only to use the last drops the next morning, still without scripts called in. Finally, they get it together and my insurance denies the refill b/c it was "too close" from the time in which it was initially perscribed. I get their point, the prescription for only for John, but the doctor says when you treat one you treat both. Insurance companies are not so laid back, however. Fortunately my second insurance picked up the tab. Annoying though!

Monday, August 9, 2010

As I said...the year mark approaches

And makes me realize--oh so many things! I would have actually posted more recently but everytime I do, I am getting these crazy comments in, Chinese? I welcome all readers, but comments in a language I don't understand (or the English that is there makes no sense) sort of makes me feel like my blog is being spammed. If anyone knows how I can eliminate/reduce this please let me know!

Otherwise, more to come on the boys, but we are doing great here. Lots of fun as they move toward toddlerhood.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010