Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Moving Toward Mobility

These last few weeks have brought about some incredible changes. John is now starting to eek his way backwards, clearly making efforts to crawl while on his belly. Walter, possible on account of his biggish head, is not quite there yet, but is starting to log roll his way around, flipping back and forth happily.

Despite increasing bottles, I am still hanging in there breastfeeding 3-4x a day. Not exclusively as I initially hoped, but as this is about when I weaned w/my first daughter I am happy to still be in the running. However I think it is the one factor that is keeping those last few pounds on! But time enough to lose weight, I still want to make it to one year with these babies.

Just had another follow up with my OB/GYN and he was accompanied by a student physician assistant during my exam, throughout which he fondly recounted my birth story. It was actually kinda fun to think back to it, as it was such a dramatic moment! I told him all I remember was feeling like I sprayed the room with amniotic fluid and he said, "Yeah well everyone does that!"

I remember when the babies were 2-3 months reading a post in a twin forum I go to from a mom saying "At 7 months I am finally enjoying my twins." I understand this completely. While loving them from day 1, the first 6 months have been terribly challenging and I have found over the past few weeks getting more and more rewards. They are sleeping (somewhat) better, but interacting more and having so many cute moments. So rather then hoping for their "content" moments to happen so I can have a break, I look forward to them so I can bond.

Some shots from a recent picnic.

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