Sunday, April 25, 2010

8 Months? How did that happen?

Today on a random trip to a random Illinois town for no other reason then to escape the never-ending chores and housework that is our life with twins, I was lamenting to my husband on the differences in the first year with twins vs. my daughter. Unlike my daughter whose blog I dilligently posted on the new milestones achieved and continuously flooded it with new pictures and videos, these eight months with twins have just gone by in a blur. Between juggling my job, school, kids and life in general it has been a major accomplishment to snap a picture, much less download and upload, describe and post. I feel guilty that I have less of a chronology with these boys. Although I notice a marked difference in the last few weeks/months as far as us having some normalacy return to our lives, it isn't so much that we suddenly have oodles of time. For some reason, 6-month-old resonated with me as appropriate. 8-months seems like well on our way to the one year mark and I am not ready for my babies to be toddlers!

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