Saturday, February 13, 2010

Moving with twins

Nothing like doing a household move to add some chaos to life with twinfants + toddler. I keep telling myself if I can get through this the payoff will be worth it. We are moving from a 3 bed apt in a neighborhood I love to live in a 5 bedroom house in what I call a golf-course, a soul-less western suburban subdivision. Life will improve but will change. Will likely suffer some culture shock. Fortunately my parents have come to assist with the move and their support is just amazing. It really takes the edge off having the extra helping hands around and makes me realize how overwhelming life has been (and will soon be again!). So we will enjoy the help as it is available.


  1. My wife and I will be moving cross-country a couple months after our twins arrive. The result of the move is an exciting concept, but the process of moving is absolutely petrifying! If you happen to come up with some tips and tricks to make the process less insane, please share them!