Thursday, February 4, 2010

5 months! Man this is hard...

Okay at 5 months I am wondering why I don't post here more. Duh! This is hard. I fought to admit this for a while but as I reach a better place--I do think we are turning a corner here, I can admit that these past five months has been one of the most--probably *the most*--challenging periods in my life.

So...feeding. They are deemed "ready for solids" per pediatrician, however I think they are still wobbly in the trunk and am holding off another few weeks. Also, we are moving (great timing huh?) so will give us a week to get settled then will get things all ready. Probably do fruits and veggies as first foods (thinking banana & avocado). Otherwise, still supplementing with formula, still BFing (yay!). The formula is now pediatrician recommended Neosure (or Enfamil Enfantcare) which is the 22 per oz calorie stuff. They get about 4-8oz a day and then BF on demand. I am weaning myself off the Domperidone b/c if it does not allow me to exclusively BF, I don't think it made much difference in my supply anyhow. But nursing is great, they hold hands when they nurse now, they pop off and smile, I am so glad I have stuck with it. Knowing it does not have to be 100% has been the best thing sanity-wise to keep going.

They are more fun each day, starting to interact more and it is so great to see their smiles. They are still peanuts--9&1/2lbs! But hey that is almost double their birthweight, so they are going strong, developmentally on track, flipping over etc.

It is getting better. I am starting to see the break in the clouds.


  1. It IS hard! You are doing great! I think for me 3-5 months was the hardest, in fact! Around 6 months things started to fall into place more, routine wise, based around eating and sleeping. Solids really helped us -- I had milk supply issues to and was on Dom for awhile as well! Both times I have taken it (for my singleton and twins) it helped some, but was not the magic bullet. We supplemented as well, up to maybe 50% with my twins, and gradually weaned off formula by 9 months or so (they took to solids very enthusiastically, around 5.5 months). They are still nursing at 20 months and I am so glad we were able to stick it out during those challenging times.

    Hang in there! Things will get easier, and yes, more and more fun. Very soon I bet!

  2. Such a comfort to read! Thank you for sharing!

  3. you sound like you are doing GREAT!! Congrats...your twins are ADORABLE!