Saturday, February 13, 2010

Moving with twins

Nothing like doing a household move to add some chaos to life with twinfants + toddler. I keep telling myself if I can get through this the payoff will be worth it. We are moving from a 3 bed apt in a neighborhood I love to live in a 5 bedroom house in what I call a golf-course, a soul-less western suburban subdivision. Life will improve but will change. Will likely suffer some culture shock. Fortunately my parents have come to assist with the move and their support is just amazing. It really takes the edge off having the extra helping hands around and makes me realize how overwhelming life has been (and will soon be again!). So we will enjoy the help as it is available.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some Pictures

Here are the boys! Getting so big....or at least I like to tell myself that!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

5 months! Man this is hard...

Okay at 5 months I am wondering why I don't post here more. Duh! This is hard. I fought to admit this for a while but as I reach a better place--I do think we are turning a corner here, I can admit that these past five months has been one of the most--probably *the most*--challenging periods in my life.

So...feeding. They are deemed "ready for solids" per pediatrician, however I think they are still wobbly in the trunk and am holding off another few weeks. Also, we are moving (great timing huh?) so will give us a week to get settled then will get things all ready. Probably do fruits and veggies as first foods (thinking banana & avocado). Otherwise, still supplementing with formula, still BFing (yay!). The formula is now pediatrician recommended Neosure (or Enfamil Enfantcare) which is the 22 per oz calorie stuff. They get about 4-8oz a day and then BF on demand. I am weaning myself off the Domperidone b/c if it does not allow me to exclusively BF, I don't think it made much difference in my supply anyhow. But nursing is great, they hold hands when they nurse now, they pop off and smile, I am so glad I have stuck with it. Knowing it does not have to be 100% has been the best thing sanity-wise to keep going.

They are more fun each day, starting to interact more and it is so great to see their smiles. They are still peanuts--9&1/2lbs! But hey that is almost double their birthweight, so they are going strong, developmentally on track, flipping over etc.

It is getting better. I am starting to see the break in the clouds.