Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

We made it to 2010! Amazing to me how different this year looks from last.

The boys are doing great, John will soon have doubled his weight, as he is approaching the 9lb mark! Funny to see them at 4 months still the size of some full-term babies. But they are looking quite wide-eyed etc. lately.

The biggest challenge with my twins remains getting them into a schedule and my balance between breastfeeding and the return-to-work bottle feeding. They have shown to do best in the weight gain arena when getting bottles. However I don't pump enough breastmilk so despite my initial seemingly abundant supply of milk, I am now relying on formula to make up the difference. For some reason, I would have thought having twins the formula companies would have targeted me immediately and sent me home from the hospital with samples and coupons. Yet I have yet to receive a single coupon! I am on the prowl at the moment, although the formula I am leaning toward using, Vermont Organics does not advertise as aggressively as the big name companies. Still, I would certainly welcome some freebies!

I find both bottle feeding and breastfeeding very satisfying bonding experiences, yet feel very strongly that I would like to make it to a year nursing them. However I think John just loves his bottle! He fusses quite a bit when offered a breast at a feeding. Walter keeps on chugging at either. In this way, I am seeing their personalities emerge!

They are starting to play more too and they play in very different ways. Walter likes to sit in his pod and play with the toy on the tray. John likes to be on his back on the playmat and grab at the mobiles. Walter likes to be held during the day, but sleeps very independently, whereas John can entertain himself alone for good stretches during the day but turns into a cuddle bug creature at night. It will be a long road to get this guy in a crib through the night! Hopefully soon he will realize he can cuddle with his brother and be good to go.

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