Saturday, December 5, 2009

Walter Has Surgery

It was a big surprise when visiting my pediatrician for a standard growth check on the twins, Walter was diagnosed with an Inguinal hernia. John has had an umbilical hernia that all this time has been upsetting to look at, but apparently rather benign. I had been asking about it at every pediatrician visit and was completely floored when after a brief look at a puffy region in Walter's groin was quickly followed by the pronouncement, "He will need surgery for that." I took it in stride for the most part, up until the day before surgery. The pediatric surgeon I met was a very smart and reassuring woman who informed me that this procedure was one of the most common place ones she does. However, because he is an infant a one-night stay for observation would be required. 24-hours before bringing him in my anxiety increased. When I got the call to schedule it and was informed he would be NPO formula at midnight and NPO breastmilk at 2am and NPO clear fluids at 4am I began to panic. What do you do with a crying, hungry infant? Amazingly he did ok, slept straight from a bottle of EBM at 2am to 6:30 when we arrived at the hospital. At 7:45 he was whisked away to the OR and I got him back in my arms two hours later. When I first picked him up in the recovery room he was all strung out and jittery because he had been given caffeine to help ward off any apnea issues. It was odd to see him out of sorts, but a great relief to hold him and be told he had done fine and there were no complications. Fast forwarding through the night, we were discharged at 9am the next morning when he woke up he was all smiles. At this point, I thought we were out of the woods and I had to work night shifts the next two nights. It was Friday morning so my husband took off to work and I proceeded to have one of the worst days so far. Both Walter and John were uber fussy, screaming every time I put them down. Unless they were affixed to my body, they were very angry guys. Somehow I made it through the day and I was fortunate that Gwen had a low-maintenance day, occupied herself well and did not have too many debacles. Things calmed down when my husband got home (it always seems to work that way), but then when I went off to work he proceeded to have an awful night, Walter crying most of the night and not settling until around 5am. I put a page in to the pediatric surgeon who stated he was likely still feeling effects of the pain as the anaesthesia wore off. Poor guy! I got home this morning and sent my husband to bed to catch up on some sleep. Both boys slept like angels and I got some good quality time in with my daughter, finger-painting, making towers, even did a little tidying up. Around noon I woke up my husband and we switched places, me diving into bed for a few hours and him up with the kids. Now I am back at work and so far reports are good, it is not looking like as bad of a night as last. Hopefully Walter will be more settled. Poor guy. Apparently the type of hernia he had is often genetic and my father has actually had the same thing. We will have to keep an eye on John and hope it does not happen with him as well. Surgery and children is no fun.
Here is a picture of our little guy after surgery. The cast on his arm just holds his IV in place.

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  1. Good one on Twinning Boys - it helps a lot!

    We clearly share similar parenting experiences and views.
    I've been reading one that I'm hooked on -
    I have a feeling you'd get a lot out of it.

    Incredible job on your blog; keep it up.