Sunday, November 29, 2009

ok, I admit this is hard right now

So re-reading some of my posts makes me think I am sounding much peppier than the reality that is my life right now. I think something happened recently after our return trip from the east coast. I just can't seem to catch up. We had a baptism for J&W and I have scare pictures to show for it. Their three month birthday came and went, no new pics to show for it. And that was Thanksgiving day no less, where they wore these cute matching velor suits. Yep I am definitely sucking in the picture-taking department. So enter my complaints:
1) Return to work (2 night shifts), which means previous sporadic sleep is now compounded with serious lack of sleep.
2) (under the return to work category) seem to be struggling with milk supply. My pumping output overnight is about 10oz when the boys pound through about 24 when I am gone. I know any milk I give is beneficial, but it is hard to not be discouraged with those numbers in my face. Compounded by non-stop nursing when I get home making me feel like I don't have enough to satisfy them.
3) My house. It just makes me go nuts. All day my daughter takes it apart piece by piece. And that assumes it was "together" to begin with. I feel like I lost about 600sq ft once the twins arrived, with all the swings, bouncers, etc. along with the fact that I spend most of the day rooted to the couch breastfeeding, it is looking a bit restrictive. That is where the change of scene at work is welcomed.

So anyway, just a bit tired and needing to remind myself more often than not, that these precious days will soon be over and I will likely be missing that which is now driving me nuts.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Back At It!

Here I am back at work after a 16-week whirl-wind away. At least I have time to blog again now :)

To be honest I was not too broken up heading into work tonight. As some know, I work night-shifts in an ER (just two nights a week), and so my return to work does not feel nearly as upsetting as when I returned to work for a 9-5, m-f job when my first daughter was three months.

Our little babies are doing wonderfully though, but are not completely without issue. There are some things going on, though they are minor. One being weight-gain. It was such an issue with my first daughter, I had difficulty breastfeeding with milk production and she had a slow time gaining. Similarly these guys are remaining peanuts, inflicting doubt in my confidence at breastfeeding. At work I hit the pump, but when I am with them I am trying to keep up the nursing as best I can. We have not yet turned that corner where it becomes a bit easier, but I can see the gains we have made so I am not throwing the towel in yet!

Although these are my special little guys, I have to admit they are getting the '2nd-child treatment' when it comes to picture-taking! I am just way too busy to remember to occasionally pick up a camera!

But I do have this one recent shot, (the classic swaddled, cuddling position :)