Friday, October 30, 2009

Hitting my stride

I have been waiting for that miraculous "turning a corner" moment to hit aorund the 8 week mark. Now that I am here, I have found things becomming more challenging. My sleepy premmies are now filled with gusto and showing it! The last two weeks they seemed to have 36-48 days waking every 30 minutes around the clock! Likely a growth spurt judging by the following surge of milk and a day or two of sleepiness. But I find between them and my toddler they are keeping me more on my toes.

One of my struggles right now is keeping my toddler occupied while I am in moments (such as tandem feeding) when I need to attend to the twins. I am trying not to rely of TV, but sadly it is the cruch I keep leaning on. So usually once a day I will pop on a 30 min Baby Einstein or for a treat a movie such as Ice Age or Finding Nemo. She loves them of course! And I sit there wracked with guilt that I am destroying her attention-span for the years ahead. But while I try to just use it sparingly, I do notice an uptick on irritable and oppositional behavior from her (ie tantrums much!) on the days that I have TV. So I am trying to find activities that will keep her occupied when my hands are tied. I strive to alternate the boys naps from her naps so they sleep when I am chasing after her, helping her to the potty, getting a snack or just playing (read: tearing up the house bit by bit!). I remember my first thought in the hospital when she came to visit the twins was "someone is going to get hurt!" They just seem so teeny and she is so wild at times. And it is true. She is gentle when near the twins, but I have to watch her like a hawk constantly to be sure she does not get them or herself in peril. Each day we get through injury free I am happy. I know in time the boys will nap more consistently (at least I hope!) and I can juggle a bit more effectively.

Of course when my daughter gets the camera this is what she takes a picture of!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Ok, call me a blog slacker

I didn't think I would be posting much with having two newborns at home plus a toddler, but I did think I would do a bit more! The boys are now 8 weeks and they are doing great. We are adjusting in our home to these new additions. Four more weeks before I return to work and then I know I will be blogging more. In the meantime, here are a few updated pictures.
Big sister...