Monday, September 21, 2009

What a month!

This week we will be coming up on the one month mark and have had a LOT going on (go figure right?) I have to say one of my biggest challenges through this transition since the boys came is managing my almost two daughter. She has certainly had some rough patches adjusting to no longer having 100% of mommy & daddy to herself. Though we try to give her special time each day, there is just no denying that her life is completely changed.

Aside from that, the boys are doing well! 100% breastfed and gaining well. With my first daughter I had a difficult time giving her enough milk for her to gain and it required supplementation with formula, which was fine, but just not the experience I had hoped for.

Otherwise we have had one minor scare with John getting a positive in his PKU/Metabolic screening that required an additional test. The PKU is not a problem, but our pediatrician wants to do a re-test to make sure it is a false positive, which he believes it to be. It is for a congenital condition that I am going to resist googling until I know it is verified, as I think it is a false positive and don't need that stress! Both babies are thriving though and getting to a point where they wake up to feed by themselves, at least at night, but during the day I still have to wake them up. I am just looking forward to getting more meat on their bones!


  1. What a wonderful, wonderful image! Kudos on getting the breastfeeding to work for all three of you.. and from the looks of things, Big Sis seems to be doing A-OK! :)

    Congrats to all!

  2. what a beautiful picture!!!
    Congrats on the BF success! You'll have to post some tips later :)

  3. Your boys are adorable and I'm glad you are all doing so well.

    Found you on Multiples and More! I have 7 year old twin boys myself - oh and a 2 yr old ;)