Sunday, August 2, 2009

Turning a breech baby

One outcome of my recent ultrasound was learning the position of the babies. A bit of a disappointment for me was learning Twin A is now breech. I have spent a lot of time this week on the Spinning Babies website, trying inversions, cat-cow positions and am gearing up to start putting frozen peas on the top of my belly and making my husband speak through a paper-towel tube into my lower belly to coax Twin A back to vertex.

What is upsetting to me is the Spinning Babies site makes a big focus on emphasizing that if the "mother is in balance, the babies will turn," and emphasizes chiropractic adjustments, prenatal massage and deep relaxation. I have been thinking about the differences between this pregnancy and my first. I was able to swim twice a week, do yoga twice a week, and indulge in thinking deeply about my pregnancy. This time around, I just don't have that luxury. I am running after my daughter constantly and when not, I am dropping down in bed exhausted--too exhausted for yoga. A friend of mine in a similar boat just gave birth to her singleton who was a 9lb'er and vertex. I know she had no less stress throughout her pregnancy than I did.

I believe in the end the babies will do what they want to do regardless of these interventions. I can try the techniques, but really it is beyond my control. I have been reading about c-sections trying to gain some comfort if that becomes the option, but I am continuing to struggle with the various philosophies that exist for childbirth--and the limited options that exist. It was my same struggle with the possibility of induction, now focused around the breech issue. It is something that I will continue to work through in my mind.

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