Thursday, August 20, 2009

Delivering Breech

I had my ultrasound on Wednesday which confirmed TwinA is still firmly breech, TwinB is transverse. The estimated weights are 4lbs, 7oz (TwinA) and 4lbs, 12oz (TwinB). I could not even post about it yesterday because my spirits were very low as I sat with the reality of an inevitable c-section and felt concerned that the weights were not higher. I know u/s measurements can be off, but I had hoped for 5lbers at this point.

Regardless, I spent the majority of Wednesday night researching c-sections, trying to be as prepared as possible while simultaneously reading about flipping breeches.

Today I had my OB appointment with the remaining doctor of the practice which lasted all of 3 minutes and consisted of her answering all my questions by saying, "You will want to follow up with Dr. X on that..." I went home more sick than ever of the medical establishment.

About an hour ago, my OB made up for all my angst and misgivings by calling to discuss the position of the baby. He said I am a candidate for a vaginal breech delivery! Of course the caveat is that I go into labor when he can do the actual delivering b/c the other MD's in his practice would do a c-sec, but I am SO glad to hear there is that window of possibility open! He made my day. There are more facets to consider in this turn of events, but for now I am just grateful that there is a doctor in this city that is willing to attempt to deliver a breech baby!

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  1. Oh I'm so excited that one of the doctors in your practice will deliver a breech baby a! One of the doctors in my practice made me angry enough to cry when he informed me that he'd only deliver if they were BOTH head down, so I know the feeling of dread that brings. Especially since both of my little ones are transverse with Baby A having her head up. It's so strange to have such little control over anything about delivery.