Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bedrest at 33 weeks

It is fair to say I am no longer in a position to be concerned about inducing labor or turning a breech. Yesterday when going to my regular prenatal appointment poised to plead to be taken out of work at 35 weeks, the OB (not my regular as I am rotating through the practice) did an internal exam to discover I was dilated to 1.5cm and 50% effaced. He said: "You are out of work starting now!" He proceeded to tell me he was sending me over to labor and delivery. It took a while to absorb this news. When pregnant with my first daughter, I walked around for two weeks 2cm dilated and 80% effaced. I was never sent to L&D until by myself when contractions started at 39w4d. But then I was between 38 weeks and 40 and at just under 33 weeks, I am still quite preterm for twins. I headed over and to my surprise discovered I was contracting (which I did not feel, except for a lower back ache) and I wound up dilating to 3cm. There was talk of a c-section and I had to meet with the neonatologist and anesthesiologist. My TwinA is still breech and so I am quite sure at this point that I will be having a c-section--which I don't care about anymore, just want the babies to be healthy. I was administered a steroid shot for the lungs (get a 2nd today) and administered Indocin to stop the contractions. This began at 10am. By around 3am, the contractions had slowed to more than 10 minutes apart, much to my great relief and I was moved from L&D to the antepartum unit to begin my hospital bedrest. From here on out I will have a lot of downtime. I can't imagine how this will go when I get home. For now I have the hospital TLC at my disposal. Can't imagine what it will be like to be around my toddler who I cannot run after and watch my husband make great efforts (perhaps) to multi-task, but knowing it just won't be done by me will be hard. At least I have more time for blogging...and no more night shifts for a while.


  1. Ugh. Hospital bed rest is not fun. But, it is good news to hear that the contractions have slowed. Thinking of you and sending antiboredom vibes your way.

    (I came over via the multiples site.)

  2. Hang in there...keeping good hold 'em in vibes for you and those babies. Home stretch, Sister.

    Rooting for you!

  3. Wishing you well...hope you get the rest you need and that those babies stay healthy!