Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Setbacks and then progress

Quick update with semi-rave. My daughter continues to struggle somewhat, crying during accidents that occur through her panties or when naked. She did not want to use the potty but would fuss and fret before finally having an accident which would prompt tears. I was really doubting this entire endeavor, but I also noticed she is continually having her hand in her mouth so it is quite likely that along with some of the distrubance PTing creates, she is also teething and extra fussy. Despite some of the difficulty, I feel more confident moving forward.

My raves are these:

In the evening, the Kushies training pants I ordered arrived and they are perfect. Light enough she is aware of what is going on and disliking it, prompting her to ask to use the potty. After we put them on her she asked to use the potty each time and while most went in the Training Pant, less on the floor but she was still as motivated to take care of the issue. Then when we called it quits for the day, put her in her diaper and off to bed, she asked twice to take off the diaper and use the potty. It was interesting b/c she was still fussing while she asked for it, but she did go pee without a drip both times! I tend to be intensive about PTing until about 430, then pull back for my own sanity and use pull-ups through the evenings. Now with the Kushies I will just use those all day I figure.

Tomorrow she goes to the nanny and I am not sure how best to convey consistency. I am sure my nanny has her own ideas, but hopefully she will be respectful of mine. I will send along 5-6 pairs of pants and her cloth diapers as well as pull-ups and discuss it. I am not totally upset if she winds up in disposable pull-ups all day, I figure I will then have Thurs-next Tuesday to spend with her and get her on track.

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