Friday, July 17, 2009


I talk to just about every mom I encounter--friends, moms at the park, moms online. Consensus for the most part is aiming for 2.5 years, about 6 months after boys are born. Given the reluctance of my very astute and clever girl to adhere to using the potty unless placed there (yes granted it has only been a week) I am leaning toward adjusting my strategy. It is distressing for her having accidents during naked time, so I think I will scale back the naked time and just go with the cloth pull-ups for now. She likes them and does not seem attached to 'diapers' as I hear some older kids become. Plain panties are a bit too distressing for her when she accidents as well, so rather than another week of consecutive naked drills I am going to just give the cloth pull-ups a whirl and lessen up on directing her to the potty. She knows it is there and I think is a little tired of hearing about it. Will continue to encourage of course, but not as intensely.


  1. Good for you for going with the flow (no pun intended) and allowing a restrategization for Gwen. It does sound like naked time isn't really her cup of tea right now. Hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised with how well the cloth trainer week goes. Keep us posted.

    Btw, how do the trainers fit Gwen? She's also a little peanut, right? I was browsing online and most of the training pants are for a lot larger than Ivy is. I know that we have a couple of months to go, but unless she chunks out all of a sudden, she'll be swimming in the undies.

  2. The kushies mediums are actually a good fit, (and yeah she is about 22-23lbs and 30inches tall) but what I realize is you may be better off with a slightly bigger size anyway b/c then they can push them off. As it is now, G can't push off her pull-ups or cloth trainers w/o assistance--they are too snug. A whole developmental requirement around PTing is for them to be able to remove their own clothing, so I am actually considering ordering up next time. I am also looking at Gerber trainers and some home made ones on I will review each as I try them as well, so stay tuned :)

  3. Ah, good point about them not being too snug so they can pull them on and off. Ivy's 32.5 inches and 20 pounds, so most clothes fall off of her anyway.

    How many did you order? I assume that you need quite a few? I'll be taking two weeks off from work the end of August, and Ivy will be 16 months then, so I want to be prepared to give it a shot and see what happens.

    It sounds like things are headed in the potty direction for Gwynnie after reading your latest post!

  4. Training went a little longer with my daughter than I thought it would. We kept letting her know the potty was an option, and one week, it just "took." One day I realized we'd gone days without an accident! It had to be part of her agenda, rather than my own. Good luck!