Thursday, July 16, 2009

Progress and then setback

I guess that is the roller-coaster ride of toilet training. Back and forth, a new indication to confirm this is the right time to do this and then backsliding bringing forth new uncertainties.

Yesterday she was at the nanny's who is not comfortable with cloth trainers until she is 95%+ trained. I think that her having accidents is part of the learning process but I also respect the nanny not wanting accidents all over her place. So she was in pull-ups for the day. When I picked her up, I got the report that she peed 3x in the potty. Great news! Unexpected too.

Today that was not the case. Again she was fretful when naked and having to go and only made it to the potty if placed. Even then she would pop up again. I don't mind the accidents, what makes me nervous is her distress around not knowing what to do when having to go. She knows what the potty is for, but is not quite comfortable using it. So again I am back to thinking that one more week and I will scale back on the naked time.

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