Saturday, July 11, 2009

Potty Training Bootcamp?

With my older daughter, now at 21 months, I have been pretty laid back on the potty training. Recently I came across this Monessori-based approach that made me re-think my initial plan to potty train after the twins arrive. One main tenant of the article that made me reconsider, it it's claim that: "Montessori teachers believe the sensitive period to toileting closes before the child's second birthday." This article states that 16-19 months is the ideal time to toilet train and argues it only becomes harder with age, despite our societal norm to train around 2 &1/2.

Looking back, I know my daughter was interested in the potty a few months ago, had a few successes and then appeared to have lost interest. I did not push it. Reading this article made me feel like a critical time slipped through my fingers. Regardless, I did come to the decision that with two months before the twins, now is the only time for quite a while that I can give her my 100% attention to this endeavor. Of course I am motivated by the idea of not having three diaper changes throughout the day, but a potty-trained child may easily regress with new siblings to compete with, so getting her up to speed on this skill and then adjusting to two new twins seems like asking a lot.

My decision for the time being is to promote more potty usage--following some tenants in the article. But even today--and I know a day 1 potty training is just a start--raised my own doubts that she may not be ready.

So in lieu of twin news while I gestate on this final trimester, I am going to monitor and promote the toileting of my toddler.

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