Saturday, July 11, 2009

First day at PTing

Here is a picture of my feisty one! She is what Dr. Karp of the Happiest Toddler on the Block would call "spirited." You can see it evidenced by the sparkle in her eye and the scratches on her face from too much running (and tripping) in the park.

Today after waking we spent some time on the potty. Nothing doing. Took a quick trip to Target and got supplies: an extra potty seat for outside & car trips (and I will likely need 2 eventually!), 2T/3T panties and pampers pull-ups. I have some cloth trainers ordered expected to arrive Tuesday.

Then we spent most of the day in panties. She did well, just noting her puddles and spent lots of time sitting on the potty and reading our books. She went down for a nap easily in her pull-ups. After nap, she went about 3 hours completely dry and spent some naked time outdoors. When I brought her inside, she made a teeny puddle and said: "Pee pee!" and I placed her on the potty and voila! Success. However, after that things went downhill a bit. She seemed increasingly distressed by accidents and at one point requested an urgent: "diaper change! diaper change!" while bare-bottomed. Trying to put her on the potty at that point upset her so I put on a pull-up and was not surprised when she then poo'd. After we cleaned her up and put her back in panties, she had about three more accidents on the floor, all of which upset her greatly. My husband and I decided to put her in pull-ups for the rest of the night and ease up on the panties.

Having some more time to read through more perspectives makes me uncertain if she is ready or not. So we will continue to monitor her habits and attempt to increase her awareness of her own excretions, make the potty available and see where she is at. I will give it about two weeks and then if we are at the same point, will just put aside all potty training until several months after the twins are born.

If it be 3 butts to clean, so be it.

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