Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day two--busting out diapers

Today I mainly slept through the day, as I work night shifts on Saturday and Sunday night. My husband is then the primary caretaker. He did a great job continuing to reinforce potty usage encouraging her to develop more awareness of her body and its functions. However, at the end of the day after I woke, I noticed the diapers I had set out for the week for nighttime use had gone from 5 to 1! Busted! I know she got diapered up a bit more today than I would have liked, but she is back to mommy-time after nap tomorrow and we will see where it goes.

Even after one day's time, I was amazed at how she is making connections and linking the behavior and I feel more optimistic. After being outside (barebottomed) and having a little pee, she came over and said: "potty?" and walked over to her potty and she sat in it. Did not go, but that connection to me was a success in itself.

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