Monday, July 13, 2009

Day three--Did I really bring this on myself?

Today had its ups and downs. I slept half the day post-night shift. My daughter woke around 1:30 in the afternoon from her nap and was tearful. I took off her pull-ups which were warm and heavy so I am certain she peed as soon as she woke. But I placed her on the pottyand read some stories and fed her grapes. The next two-three hours we hung out, her barebottomed. Mostly we were outside. I put a longish dress on her so she wasn't giving a total free-show. She did fine, having fun playing etc. But then it was time to pee/poo and I could tell by her behavior. I have been trying to look for signs so I can anticipate when to guide her to the potty. She was tugging on herself and jumping around on her tiptoes and looking uncomfortable. She willingly went to the potty a few times, but did not go. She got more restless and anxious and fussed a bit. I could tell she had to go but was having anxiety around being naked, as the previous day. But she was too restless to go on the potty. So she wound up having "accidents!!" as she called them, and intermittetly climbed up on my lap. I notice as she has to go, she gets a bit more clingy and did make several drips on me. From there, she made it to the potty and managed to go a little, but it clearly is not a natural process yet for her. After she had gone, I gave her a cloth diaper which she instantly soaked. We went to the park where she had a blast and then we came home, and it was pull-up time! I am exhausted! I am still wanting to give this a 14-day trial, but wondering more and more what the signs are to indicate she is not ready. I don't want to stress her out too much, and she seems to get upset when having to go and naked. I have a few cloth trainers on the way and I think that will be just what she needs right now. In the meantime, just one day at a time.


  1. Seriously, potty training was SOOO tough for me. (Think the kids were fine, it was ME who was impatient, tired of the messes and annoyed!)

    Hang in there...and you're right. One day at a time.

  2. Thanks for the support! It is sooo nice to hear :)