Saturday, July 4, 2009

All my thoughts toward L&D

I keep re-reading my first blog entry here. It is so revealing to me. My initial clinging to what feels like the safety of modern medicine and now my early third-trimester reaction swinging back to a more holistic approach.

Having twins is scary, for so many reasons. But I have never worried about the reality of juggling care x2 for newborns. Probably that is denial helping me along. I find gestation more anxiety-provoking. I feel the movements now, and it reassuring. I get monthly ultrasounds, which are fun for the added peeks inside. But mostly I feel in the dark about what is going on.

For now, perhaps appropriately so, my preoccupations are all about the present state of health & growth for my twins and planning for the exit stages.

I have been reading more about inducing twins at approximately 38 weeks per policy. The more I read and speak to other mom's on various twin forums, the more I want to experience going into labor naturally again. Having had an almost picture perfect delivery with my first, I want that now to be repeated. Most reading I have done points to a lot of benefit toward allowing babies to be born vaginally without induction.

But I know my OB will not budge on this point, citing a larger systemic policy. I knew that when I began my road to this point with him. I know what I have signed up for. Although I have had a complication-free pregnancy, until the babies are born, we are really not out of the woods yet. In my third trimester, I would not switch practitioners. I would rather follow this protocol despite my reservations than jump ship and begin with someone new.

Yet I can see it will dwell in my mind going forward. These twins were given to my husband and I out of the clear blue--why not assume that they could arrive perfectly and naturally? Why put myself at the mercy of medical practitioners when all of the OB/GYN MD lit articles I am reading provide not only contractions in risks/benefits of inducing twins, but a startling consensus that there is not enough research done to say for sure what the optimal delivery time is for an uncomplicated twin pregnancy?

I have to ask these questions and find a sense of understanding where the medical community is coming from. I have read a few articles I will discuss more in-depth in future entries that make my head spin. One made me cry out to my husband a few nights ago, "Now I am scared to let the twins go PAST 37 weeks!" To which he advised me to put the articles down, and back away from the abstract.

And I will, once I am finished with the conclusions.


  1. I kept to 37 weeks, 1 day and both the boys were near 3 kilograms each - a good size for even a singleton. My gynea spotted something that made her worry about the one placenta and that combined with the very common rule of thumb to not carry more than 6 kg of baby with a previous C-section scar made her choose to deliver them via Csection. They were big, healthy boys and went home 3 days later with me. Good luck - all I am saying is what happens day to day )we were trying to make 38 weeks) does have an influence and do not stress too much about it all now.

  2. I totally understand your concerns...My Dr announced when we were prego that we would discuss delivery around 35 weeks. OMG are you kidding! I prayed everyday for God to take me full term. I had the most amazing pregnancy! Because I knew it was all in Gods hands. I told my Dr we would go full term...she literally giggled. She had this complex that she knew what was right, and I told her...God was in control, and only if there was a problem was she to intervene. We discovered in our Twin Class that the Placenta begins to weaken at 38 weeks. So, I gave in (I wanted 40 weeks, but with twins it is different) and we scheduled our C-section for 38w1d. My Dr was amazed. Let me also say, I never when on bed rest, and I worked regular hours(I am an accountant, and we were in Year End SUPER Busy season) until I delivered. All this to say...I went for my last appointment and they saw the beginning signs of pre-aclapsea(bad spelling), so we delivered 37w6d...2 days prior to my scheduled c-section. Our babies were 6#14oz and 7#2oz, and not a minute in the NICU. We all went home You are going to be AWESOME! If you believe you can go full term, you will! Eat healthy, drink lots of water, sleep (if you can; althought, I slept gret the whole time), Pray (or whatever you do to relax) and it will all be great!!!! Best Wishes!

  3. go over to my blog .... and look towards the end of my pregnancy ... March/April 2008 ..I have a video there that you need to see, regarding FULL TERM twin/triplet pregnancies, going 38/40/42 weeks.
    Take the best care of yourself that you can ... your babies will come when ready.