Wednesday, July 22, 2009

31 Week OB Appointment

Getting back to non-toileting content, I had my 31 week OB appointment today, again rotating through to meet a new doctor in the practice. She was very nice, though disconcertingly my own age (by my estimate) which is also somewhat cool. It was as routine as appointments go: vitals--stable; weight gain--up 48lbs now; fundal height--measuring at 38 weeks; fetal heart tones--130's and 140's. Oddly enough, it took her a long time to find the heart beat of twinB, who was the one I was least concerned about because he seems to be always moving. He was moving and squirming all around while she was trying to chase after his rhythm. Whereas twinA who hardly makes a peep down there came on right away with a good strong rhythm. That is the nice thing about this stage in pregnancy, having the movements to reassure you. But despite that, it was a little unnerving when it took so long to find the 2nd heartbeat because who knows what is going on in there! She also wrote an order for weekly non-stress tests to start as of 32 weeks. Between my 4 week ultrasounds, bi-weekly OB appointments and now FST I am about to start spending a lot of time at the doctors. So much for my days of leisure (aka housework) when my toddler goes to childcare. But as I get farther along, I don't mind too much having the extra checks, it is always nice to know things are moving along fine.

My weight gain did not please me however. I don't actually feel like I am eating enough as it is--certainly not per Dr. Barbara Luke's recommendations out of her book on multiples I have. And I don't look nearly as chubby as when I was pregnant with my daughter, but regardless, it is quite scary to approach that 50lb mark with 5-7 weeks remaining. I mentioned my concern to the doctor who said--do you exercise? Well--if chasing a toddler around 5 days a week counts. She agreed it does, but suggested I "cut carbs and eat protein." Hmmm, great nutritional advice. I guess my days of guilt-free cheeseburgers and sundaes are waning. I just hope the babes having been getting the lions share of nutrients and next Wednesday will have a good report of healthy and stable growth.


  1. No doubt the babes are getting the lion's share of nutrients! (If it makes you feel better, I actually LOST weight in the last weeks of my twin pregnancy...but the babies continued to gain. A gestating mama's body is an amazement.)

    Hang in there...the intensified checks are entirely normal..and you've got the right attitude...entirely in your collective best interest!

    Sounds like you are doing an AMAZING job to me!

  2. Post script: I didn't lose weight by intent in the slightest. Just could not squeeze any food down...felt full CONSTANTLY...grazed as best I could. Your body will do what it has to for those babies. (and do not worry for one minute about weight loss afterward. Mine are almost EIGHT now and I'm still WELL below my pre-pregnancy weight simply via unstructured exercise of life with twins. :) )

  3. thanks for the feedback! I would no way consider dieting at this point--not until they are out, and even then with breast-feeding who knows! But it is true because I am living on smoothies these days it seems to be the easiest thing to go down. With the heart burn and reduced lung capacity, I know everything is getting very squished inside :)

  4. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one living on smoothies and Tums (extra calcium for all those bones we're growing, right?)
    Be happy with the 50lb weight gain. I'm only at 40 and wish I had read Dr. Luke's book earlier since the doctors are so concerned with the babies' small measurements :( Keep up the good work!

  5. Don't stress .... I plateaued near the end of my pregnancy (boys were born just shy of 38w, both weighing over 6 lbs).
    I'd focus on protein, calcium, and lots of water!! Good luck!