Monday, June 22, 2009

Yes, you can feel two babies kicking

I was certain during this pregnancy that I would never know "who is who," as I had read other multiple mom's describing knowing the location of TwinA & TwinB, so distinctly, in fact, that they named the babies in utero and assinged the names in accordance to their respective "personalities." Having two boy names to choose from, I still find that conceptually difficult to imagine giving one name to the "fiester baby" I feel uptop vs. another name to the "mellow baby" who resides toward my lower left hip.

So while I will hold off on naming the little nudgers I feel until they enter the world, I am glad that I can tell there are two babies in there. It is a comfort to check in on the movements and get them from each region assuring me that all is well.

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  1. Sorry if this makes me a crazed stalker, I was just wandering through blogs from multiples and more ..."fiester baby" I feel uptop vs. another name to the "mellow baby"... and... "Just not sure yet if they are ID or Frat" @ 30w. Have you been to a perinatologist that specializes in twins (my OB missed it several times)? (great map at the bottom of Those two statements trigger my suggestion as I had TTTS boys. I hope all is well and you have an uneventful remaining pregnancy and delivery.