Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Worst Twin Name Combinations?

These name combos are just the worst! (and from the top 100 most popular twin combos of 2008)

Heaven & Nevaeh (wrong, just oh so wrong...)

Gabriella & Isabella (ooh the rhyming makes me cringe!)

Faith & Hope
(shuddering at the thought)
Faith & Grace (somewhat redeemed by Grace, but still along the same lines...)

Autumn & Summer (are middle names Winter & Spring? nuff said.)

Taylor& Tyler
(the least offensive of all above, but still a little hokey!)

After reading through these, it seems on the whole that boy names are the safer ones! At least there are less wacky combinations out there...


  1. Some twin names are scary. We know twins that are named Bobby Dean and Dean Bobby. Now that's scary!

  2. We thought about naming our boys Pete and Repeat (just kidding), but settled on Joseph and Nathan:)

  3. My advice - (if you want) - choose two completely unrelated names - best for building their own identity. And please read Joan Friedman's book - recently featured on M&More.