Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Lowest risk twin pregnancy"

It is nice to hear such words about a pregnancy bestowed by attending OB. Yet it does make me wonder how outside the norm my experience is with this pregnancy. In the first weeks of finding out I was having twins, I scanned all the recommended twin books I could find, most specifically Dr. Barbara Luke's Twin's Triplets & Quads and Dr. Gila Leiter's Everything You Need to Know to Have a Healthy Twin Pregnancy, both of which, despite having a reputation for being less pathologically based, instilled the belief in me that having a twin pregnancy is something that is intrinsically complicated and full of risk.

As I approach the final trimester, my thoughts are increasingly turning toward the labor & delivery process. Looking back at my blogs, I see how quickly I vanquished the idea of a "natural" birth when finding out I was having a twin pregnancy. Now I find my interest is piqued again in this direction. I am questioning some of the practices, like mandatory induction by 38 weeks--which my OB has informed me is a "hospital-wide policy." I do recall he offered to refer me to see a midwife, however what I have learned since is that most will not work with twins and birthing typically takes place on an OR bed. I have been to some natural birth blogs that show videos of home births with twins. But there is no way I would feel comfortable with that option. 

Still, my "low risk" status makes me curious to investigate some of the practices further. On the whole, I feel very fortunate that as of 27 weeks & change, I am going strong, feeling well, just passed my glucose screen and feeling regular movement. No bedrest, no high blood pressure, relatively stable hormones. My main complaints are midnight caffeine induced heartburn (which working nightshifts I have only myself to blame) and charley horses. It could be much, much worse. 

Monday, June 22, 2009

Yes, you can feel two babies kicking

I was certain during this pregnancy that I would never know "who is who," as I had read other multiple mom's describing knowing the location of TwinA & TwinB, so distinctly, in fact, that they named the babies in utero and assinged the names in accordance to their respective "personalities." Having two boy names to choose from, I still find that conceptually difficult to imagine giving one name to the "fiester baby" I feel uptop vs. another name to the "mellow baby" who resides toward my lower left hip.

So while I will hold off on naming the little nudgers I feel until they enter the world, I am glad that I can tell there are two babies in there. It is a comfort to check in on the movements and get them from each region assuring me that all is well.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Worst Twin Name Combinations?

These name combos are just the worst! (and from the top 100 most popular twin combos of 2008)

Heaven & Nevaeh (wrong, just oh so wrong...)

Gabriella & Isabella (ooh the rhyming makes me cringe!)

Faith & Hope
(shuddering at the thought)
Faith & Grace (somewhat redeemed by Grace, but still along the same lines...)

Autumn & Summer (are middle names Winter & Spring? nuff said.)

Taylor& Tyler
(the least offensive of all above, but still a little hokey!)

After reading through these, it seems on the whole that boy names are the safer ones! At least there are less wacky combinations out there...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Growth Update

Had a 24 week u/s today to monitor growth--both babies are doing great! Each weighs 1&1/2 lb putting them in the 50% for weights. We got some fun pics as well:
Twin A:

Twin B:

(in case there was any doubt on gender, behold proof of boy-ness :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Belly Comparison--Singleton vs. Twins

Just a retrospective Here I am about 25/26 weeks pregnant with my first daughter: And here I am at 23 weeks weeks with the twins: